All thermoplastic materials

Availability, listening, speed…

PASCON SA develops markets and stores in a warehouse of more than 1000 m2 more than 500 references of thermoplastic films.

Lamination, metallization, perforation and research and development of technical elastomers, our skills often go beyond the framework of thermoplastic films to meet the needs of any business, and whatever its size.

Innovation and reliability

Permanently listening to market and expectations of our customers, we commit daily to demonstrate innovation and ensure the reliability, quality and timeliness of projects assigned by our customers.

Traceability and Compliance

And our area of ​​expertise does not stop there. Traceability and compliance are now two essential and inseparable concepts to successful marketing of our various films.

We guarantee the origin of each of our references through sheets and safety data sheets, responding to European regulations prohibiting the use of certain harmful or dangerous substances.

More, in collaboration with national laboratories test, we provide on-demand compliance with respect to M flammability standards, Euroclass, military, food contact and potable, cytotoxicity…

Cutting and Shear integrated

To optimize our customers’ needs, we have machines to cut and shear our film in various widths and cutting formats.